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Spot light on Craft Sellers - Craft Beer Cellar, Waterbury Vermont

Jan 30, 2019 08:33PM ● By John Gales

Craft Beer Cellar, 3 Elm Street, Waterbury, Vermont

1.     What’s your thoughts on the Vermont Craft scene?

What a time to be alive! We say on average we get about 15 new beers a week and even more sometimes. There is a certain level of development to the VT beer scene in regards to what will or will not sell. 

2.      What’s the biggest seller of beer, cider?

Heady Topper for beer and Shacksbury Vermonter for cider.

 3.      Any out of state customer stories?

Where to begin? We get an incredible number of out of state visitors and we are so proud that they choose to stop at the CBC. We’ve had customers from all over the country and all over the world. 

4.      What would your recommendation be for someone that wants to try Vermont Craft beer, wine or cider yet never has?

Be open! There is more to VT than just DIPA, but it’s probably what we are most known for.


5.      Tell us a little about your store.  History, uniqueness, any special programs you do, products you offer, etc.

We opened up in 2013 with a focus on customer service and only carrying the best beer we could get our hands on. We still hold ourselves to that same standard. There are so many new beers out every day; it’s tough work but somebody has got to do it.