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Meet of BrewViews Vt

Jun 22, 2020 12:39PM ● By John Gales

She is a mother, a Vermonter, a realtor and the face of BrewView Vermont – a publication/online directory of Vermont craft beer, distillery, cider and wine. She is hostess Katie Ladue Gilbert who is out to educate, promote and celebrate the small craft industry.


“I am the girl who talks louder than her guests, gets really excited smiles with a lot of teeth, and is animated enough to remind you to keep watching,” said Gilbert who was originally solicited by BrewView Magazine to take on her role.


Gilbert’s roots are in the Upper Valley where she has raised her two children, Benjamin, !5, and Gabriella, 13, who she says are “the obvious lights of my days”. They are serious sports enthusiasts and so watching her kids on a court, field, track or in a gym is her favorite place to be.


“I’m the mom who cheers too loud, claps too long, and can’t hold a conversation while I’m watching,” said Gilbert. “I’m the one who talks only at timeouts, in between running plays, if they’re on the bench or sideline, and at halftime. I’m also writing deals, returning emails, and chatting with clients during those down times – lol.”


The clients are those in the real estate firm in which she works, selling 60+ houses per year.


“I don’t mess around,” said Gilbert. “I like to do it all the way, and I like to give and have people feel my excitement. My love for beer, food, wine, people, restaurants, and talking has collided in a way that makes me feel on cloud nine.”

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox