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Weird Window Brewing is Here!!! New Brewery Coming to South Burlington!

Jun 29, 2020 01:32PM ● By Gabriella Varla

As Weird Window Brewing prepares to open their doors, Jack Droppa is excited to brew what he wants to brew which is why he and his wife Emily spent quarantine readying to open their new brewery, WeirdWindow Brewing, as soon as regulations relax.

Droppa spent the past 10 years brewing all over the country starting in the townhouses at St. Lawrence University in Upstate New York to Utah to California. Droppa has had stints at Anacapa Brewing Co. and Otter Creek Brewing Co. where he worked his way up to Lead Brewer.

The Droppa’s love of Vermont local community and culture is reflected in their beers and their name: Weird Window, referring to the slanted windows unique to those used on rural Green State barns.In 2018 he left there to brew at Frost Beer Works until 2019 when, after a fall skiing, he found the location for his own brewery. Formerly the space for Canadian Brewery Farnham Ale and Lager, the South Burlington warehouse style building inspired the Droppas to put down roots.

“There are so many good craft breweries in Vermont. It’s what everybody does on the weekends. You can go check out different breweries and find something you like everywhere. So, to have that scene here and that community that we both liked are some of the reasons we ended up staying here and opening here. The quality is so high so it’s a cool community to be a part of.” Said Droppa.

Planning to open their doors to the taproom sometime in July with seven beers on tap including a selection of IPA’s, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Red Ales, and Stouts. The space is set up for flights, pints and growlers, merchandise, and events. No cans, yet.

This vibe? A beer for everyone. Jalapeno cream ales. New England pale ale. A throwback West coast IPA inspired by his buddy, Jason, he brewed with out in California. Porter and brown. Something for anyone that comes in. Droppa has been told what to brew for so long he is excited for the creative freedom. “I’m excited to be able to share the beer and share what I’m passionate about. Take the last years’ worth of construction and even longer planning and recipe planning. I'm excited to finally share it with everyone.” Said Droppa.

Their piece de resistance (aside from the beer) is the witch’s window in the taproom looking out onto the production space. Guests will notice other namesake panes will incorporated into the decor like the more subtle “weird window” acting as the mirror for behind the bar.

"We’re excited for everyone to see the space.” Said Emily. “I can see what it’s going to be like and I can see what it will be like with people in it. I think it will be a lot of fun.”

Opening Day will be sometime in July. The taproom will be open Thursday 4-8, Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-8 and Sunday 12-4.

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