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The Unsung Heroes of the Vermont Craft Scene: The Dogs & Cats of Local Breweries

Is it just us, or do dogs (and cats) make everything so much better?

Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Waterbury Center
8–9 years old 

Zander, our in-house barn cat, somehow manages to reflect our tagline, “Vermont to the Core”—he’s highly independent. Reads people perfectly. Does not draw attention to himself. His job description? Therapy cat. He is a rescue and now spends most of his time living comfortably in our back office, where he provides advice and wisdom to our staff on their breaks. How exactly he does this we don’t really know, but he gets the job done. He watches over our mail order department as though he’s the boss, and when the Cider Mill is super busy in the fall, he’s backstage watching it all with his humorously calm demeanor and pleasing personality. He’s a good kid. We love him.

Collaborative Brewing, Waitsfield
6 years old

Appa is a six-year-old French Bulldog who thinks he’s much larger than he is. He enjoys chasing anything that moves, going on big hikes, and under-the-covers snuggles. A willing mascot, model, and brand ambassador for Collaborative Brewing, Appa is the very best brew dog around. 

Weird Window Brewing, South Burlington
2 years old

Citra the brew dog is the unofficial mascot of Weird Window Brewing in South Burlington. Citra is a two-year-old apricot standard poodle. Emily and Jack, the owners of Weird Window Brewing, adopted Citra from a breeder in Colebrook, New Hampshire, in 2018. Even before Citra was officially adopted, Emily and Jack knew they would name their dog Citra, obviously after one of their favorite hops! Citra loves to play, run around like crazy, say hi to everyone, give hugs and kisses, and visit craft breweries. Citra’s role is to cheer on Jack and Emily in their recent opening of Weird Window Brewing. If you’re lucky enough to visit when Citra is at the brewery you will be greeted with an enthusiastic hello, and possibly some hugs and kisses. 

Madam Vice President
Four Quarters Brewing, Winooski
7 years old

Madam Vice President (Vice for short) doesn’t live at the brewery but visits so often she’s the unofficial mascot. While you might never guess it, she’s a Saint Bernard and miniature poodle mix! Vice is a regular fixture at the taproom year-round and loves meeting new people. Hanging out at the brewery is a surefire way to find more people to love her, but most of all she adores all of the beertenders. Her favorite 4Qs beer is Little Umbrellas, and she always tries to sneak some when her people are sitting in the beer garden outside in the summer!

Whetstone Brewing, Brattleboro
11 years old

Thor the brew dog is the proud pup of Whetstone co-owners Tim and Amy Brady and he is a real sweetheart. While he likes to hang around at the campground, he also spends time as the Official Whetstone Keg Guardian, as seen in the photo below. Favorite Beer: Doppelbark.

Silo Distillery, Windsor
3 years old

Meet Link, production assistant at SILO Distillery in Windsor, Vermont. You’ll be greeted by Link if you pull up to the SILO loading dock. He came to owner Erin from a local "oops" litter and although he seems like a tough guy, don't be alarmed. His voice is just loud and he’s really a big softie. Link’s favorite things include the head of a push broom he has turned into his play thing, any ball he has ever seen, sitting on laps he can’t fit on, and his mom, head distiller at SILO, Erin Bell. Link helps out around the distillery by cleaning up dropped corn and spent grain—it’s delicious!

Switchback Brewing Company, Burlington
9 years old

Dyson was adopted from the Humane Society of Schuyler County, New York, and is now a mainstay at the Tap Room, keeping a consistent Monday-to-Friday, nine-to-five schedule. He spends his days at the brewery fulfilling several essential roles, including playing fetch with customers, receiving pets, and keeping our guests safe from the dreaded dolly (Dyson has a love-hate relationship with wheels).

 Salena and Arya
Fable Farm Fermentory, Barnard
12 years old and 3 years old

Salena is an English shepherd and the Queen of the Valley—keeping the chickens contained, the red squirrels on their toes, the groundhogs in their holes, and the killdeer out of the garden. She has grown up on the farm and is a force, always ready for the next job. 

Arya is an Aussie Doodle. She is the joker of the bunch, and is able to access even Salena's softer side. Together they make quite the fermentory duo.

Eden Ciders, Newport
10 years old

Roxie is a border collie who grew up learning to herd the trees in our orchard and defend them from all predators, especially porcupines. She was born in Lyndonville, and joined our family at nine weeks old after we met her at the Lyndonville Farmer’s Market and fell in love with her on the spot.

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