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Kraemer and Kin Brewery

Oct 24, 2020 12:09PM ● By Michael Dawson


On 3275 US road in Grand Isle, Vermont, there is a little quiet gem of a brewery located where the breeze blows calm and cool and the hops grow tall, green, and splendid. Kraemer and Kin is such a brewery.

Started by founders and beer enthusiasts Christie Kraemer, Levi Kraemer, and Heather Kraemer, their goal was to bring great quality craft beer to the beautiful state of Vermont, all while promoting local agriculture and strengthening surrounding communities. 


"It started with hops," said Heather Kraemer, one of the proprietors of Kraemer and Kin. "North Hero Hops & Agricultural was established in 2012, inspired by homebrewing. We built the hopyard with many family and friends lending hands at different stages of the project. It was the love of hops and agriculture that brought us to commercial brewing." Heather's lifelong love of brewing is clearly evident in the beers they craft.


 Heather and company have come a long way over the years, growing from a small but humble brewery into a hidden gem Vermont staple. Along the way, they’ve done plenty of experimentation and maturing (literally and figuratively) and found their own specialties.

“Being our first summer open, it is our community that is helping to cipher that out. Our Honey Ale and Black IPA are consistently on request, as are many of our core beers and field to glass seasonals we've done this year” Heather said. Their ales and IPAs are crafted with that same delicate attention to detail that they have become known for. And the local fauna responds quite positively.


Kraemer & Kin could not have been situated in a better location. North Hero, Vermont, surrounded by breathtaking lake views and flourishing agriculture, they sell their brews out of an old historical church turned art gallery and tasting room. It’s good vibes all around, making every sip of their beer just that more enjoyable.



Though quite accomplished, Kraemer & Kin isn’t about resting on laurels. Heather explains their goals for the future, “Keep making great beer in the Champlain Islands, supporting local agriculture and contribute to the strengthening of our surrounding communities.” Given the incredibly artistry on display so far, it’s a safe bet that that’s one goal they will definitely achieve. 

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox