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Excited to be heading into the colder months? Woodchuck Hard Cider says..OH YES!

Dec 17, 2020 03:24PM ● By John Gales

If you ask Woodchuck Hard Cider, winter wouldn’t be complete without early morning runs on the mountain, hikes covered in snow, nights spent by a fire, and plenty of cider to keep you warm along the way. The Middlebury, Vermont based company couldn’t be more excited to head into the colder months with their newest cider offerings!

The most recent addition to their cider roster is their Woodchuck 100 Variety Pack, which features four fruit-forward styles including Black Cherry, Cranberry Lime, Watermelon, and Citrus. These varieties have all the flavor of traditional cider, but with a light body and low calories. The Woodchuck team has seen the shift towards low sugar, low calorie drinks, and they are thrilled to bring their fans a cider option within that healthier space.

Each cider in the Woodchuck 100 Variety Pack is certified gluten free, only 100 calories, 4.2% ABV, contains only 2 grams of sugar, has 0 added sugar, 5-6 grams of carbs and no artificial ingredients.

Another new offering is their Mimosa, which was inspired by the classic brunch beverage. This cider is bursting with orange zest and citrus notes, and its subtle hint of vanilla makes the effervescent and juicy variety perfect for any meal or on its own. Woodchuck likes to describe Mimosa as, “the magical morning drink no one judges you for”, which they feel is especially relatable moving into the holiday season.  

You can find Mimosa in 6-packs or in the Woodchuck Variety Pack, which also features Amber, Pearsecco, and Rosé. Woodchuck highly recommends their Variety Pack if you’re looking to try a little bit of everything. Each style within the pack varies in sweetness scale and flavor profile, offering you anything from their dry wine inspired Pearsecco to their refreshing red apple Amber.

For more information on their ciders and where to find them, head to!  

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox