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On North Ave in Burlington, you'll find Simple Roots Brewing

Dec 17, 2020 04:16PM ● By John Gales

Located in the Ethan Allen Shopping Center in Burlington's North End you’ll find Simple Roots Brewing.  Of course, you’ve heard of it, now let’s formally introduce you. This brewing company is operated and owned by lifelong beer aficionados Dan Ukolowicz and Kara Pawlusiak, whose dreams of starting up their own professional brewing business stretch all the way back to 2013.

 "We brew a lot of beers true to style. For example, one of our favorite brews is Tmave Pivo which just means "dark beer" in Czech. It's a dark pilsner," says Dan Ukolowicz. "I use floor malted malt from Bohemia and Saaz hops and yeast from Germany. I really try to create fresh beers here in the states that can hopefully emulate those abroad." The special attention given to each of Simple Roots’ selections give a more palatable and complex taste and texture than your average beverage. It's that kind of detail and care that the pair have cultivated over a long and rewarding career.

 Their own craft beer is packaged and sold in 16 oz. cans both at the brewery and within a 50-mile radius outside of it at stores. This selection includes pilsner, pale ale, stouts, and Kolsch, all of which carry the signature taste that Simple Roots is known for, carefully crafted from an intensive process. 

"Our brewhouse is a 3.5-barrel system with mash tun, boil kettle and hot liquor tank. I usually double brew into 7-barrel fermenters. Then it's into brite tanks for conditioning and packaging. Our serving staff helps on canning days," says Dan, who oversees the brewing process, while Kara takes lead of the taproom, all while being a full-time school counselor. Dan's prior experience and teaching come from his time at the American Brewer's Guild and his apprenticeship at Zero Gravity. 

 Outside of beverages, you’ll find plenty of company swag.  The usuals and a surprise or two.  Can you say onesie?  

Like everyone else, this year's difficulties brought on by COVID-19 were particularly hard on Simple Roots. "Although we have tourists and people visit from outside the NNE, many of our regulars are now friends. If there was one thing Kara and I miss most during this time, is getting to hang in the taproom with a beer talking with our regulars" says Dan. It is quite clear here that friendship and community are the most treasured at the company. "Our can sales are keeping us afloat, but we need to come together as a country to turn this thing around." 

Coming together is something we all could use right about now, and Simple Roots is right to remind us of that. Here's to hoping that they can get back to normal soon.

 Simple Roots Brewing Company is located at 1127 North Ave, Burlington VT 


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