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7 Amazing Hikes in Vermont That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Apr 16, 2021 06:54AM ● By Jessica Wagner

Photo Courtesy of Niquette Bay State Park's Website

Spring is in the air and that means plenty more outdoor time than the past few months have allowed. If you’re looking for a good day-hiking spot, check out these 7 incredible paths that can be accomplished within a few hours. With options all around Vermont, you’ll want to lace up those boots and venture out today!

Near the Winooski

Ethan Allen Homestead

The Ethan Allen Homestead is located off of Route 127 in Burlington. With over 4 miles of hiking paths, visitors can see many different wildlife species, as well as the Ethan and Fanny Allen’s restored 1787 historic farmhouse. Plus, this trail is connected to the Ethan Allen Park via the pedestrian bridge crossing Route 127.

With a few different loops to choose from, your scenery can change from the marshes to the Winooski River to the beautiful meadows. Be sure to keep an eye out for the different wildlife you may come across - don’t be surprised if you get to watch a beaver or river otter enjoying the day, too.

For more information, visit the Winooski Valley Park District’s website to learn more and to see the Trail Map.

Muddy Brook

Muddy Brook Park is located along the Winooski River in South Burlington near the Burlington National Airport. This trail loop is just under two miles that takes you along the river and back along the edge of the open agricultural fields. The perfect day hike for those looking for a shorter walk.

The Muddy Brook is a very important part of the ecosystem in this area, serving as a linkage for animals such as deer, moose, bears, and bobcats to move through. In addition, the park protects open land, wetlands, shrublands, shoreline, and forests. The Muddy Brook also makes for a great place for lunch with picnic areas in the forest and fishing spots along the way.

For more information, visit the Winooski Valley Park District’s website to learn more and to see the Trail Map.

Beyond Burlington

Niquette Bay State Park

Niquette Bay State Park is located about 13 miles from Burlington on Mallets Bay in Colchester. This State Park is 584 acres with 4,700 feet of rocky and sandy shorelines along the southern border. With multiple trails, not only can you get incredible views of Mallets Bay, but also the Green Mountains and the Lake Champlain Islands. Each trail ranges in miles, so be sure to check which trail suits your needs.

Bikes and pets are allowed along the trails, with swimming access for your favorite furry friends in Calm Cove. The limestone cliffs along the western border of the park offer quite the view from over 60 feet high. Along the trails are benches for you to take in the incredible views and rest for a bit while in awe of your surroundings.

To learn more about Niquette Bay State Park, check out the Vermont State Parks website where you can also find the State Park Map.

Sunny Hollow, Colchester

Sunny Hollow Natural Area is also located in Colchester along Hercules Drive. This 3-mile trail is typically meant for mountain biking, but those seeking flat ground to walk on find this trail perfect, as well. The 80-acre park runs similar to Route 7 with different trails for all types of skill levels, ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

The trails in Sunny Hollow loop around the ridges and swamp areas, which make a great opportunity for watching beavers. Sunny Hollow may become a favorite of yours if you like to cross-country ski in the wintertime, as the mountain biking trails offer the perfect setup for skiing trails with the Vermont snows.

For more information and to check out the Sunny Hollow map, visit the Colchester website today.

Near Burlington

 Oakledge Park

Oakledge Park is located along the shores of Lake Champlain near the South End of Burlington. With endless entertainment opportunities, this park isn’t just for the skilled hiker. Among the options, this park offers walking trails, public beaches, a playground, an accessible treehouse, multiple sports courts, grills, and picnic tables. This park is the perfect place for your whole family to enjoy.

Oakledge Park is where the Burlington Bike Path starts with amazing views of Lake Champlain. The bike path also offers smooth walking for those that need better footing. During the summer months, Oakledge also offers paddleboard rentals for those wanting to expand their hike to the water.

For more information, check out the Oakledge Park page of the Burlington Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront website.


Salmon Hole

Salmon Hole is located approximately 2.5 miles from Church Street in Burlington along the Winooski River. It is known for being a great fishing spot, as well as providing a half-mile walk along the river. For the adventurer, there are some awesome ledges that can be climbed for even better views.

If you’re looking for a further walk, try continuing your hike with the Winooski Gorge Overlook and the Overview Trail. They are close enough together to provide a longer hike, while also giving you even better views of the limestone bluffs.

For more information about the trail and fishing experience, visit the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website.

Mount Calvary Red Maple Wetland

The Mount Calvary Red Maple Wetland is located in the New North End of Burlington. This 12-acre park offers a variety of ecology, from dry forests to swampy lowlands. You’ll marvel at the difference a few feet can make as you cross from the dry soils to the murky waters of this park throughout your hike. No rain boots needed, though, as the boardwalk offers a dry walk across the wettest parts of the trail.

Offering plenty of historical development, this park is a wonder to learn about prior to your hike. You can check out the Burling Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront website to read about its origins and development over the years. 

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