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Black Flannel Beer..Sure. But look what Black Flannel's Distillery has going on!

Dec 11, 2021 02:56PM ● By John Gales
Black Flannel Unique Spirits [4 Images] Click Any Image To Expand
Black Flannel Brewing and Distilling Company, is known for it's delicious brews.  And of course the usuals in spirit making.  But you HAVE GOT TO check out these unusual and delicious batches.  

Black Gold American Malt Whiskey

This 2021 American Distilling Institute Bronze Medalist was a unique collaboration between brewers Dan Sartwell, Justin Rito, and Chris Kesler with Distillers, Travis Johnson, and Dave Mosher. Starting with a robust stout recipe using nine distinctive malts, the Black Flannel crew discussed what they wanted in the finished whiskey, flavor, aroma and finish of roast malt, bitter chocolate, caramelized molasses sugars, a touch of smoke, and even a hint of tobacco. The result is a smooth and truly unique 100% American Malt Whiskey that sips like a highland scotch. Being true to the Black Flannel spirit of collaboration, the brewers used the second runnings from the same batch of malt to make an exceptional Export Stout they served on tap in the brewery. 

Agave Dream - Blanco / Reposado

This unique Vermont Agave Spirit (Tequila-style) starts with 100% Blue Weber Agave sourced from Jalisco Mexico. Fermented, distilled, and aged in our Essex Vermont distillery, Agave Dream is extremely smooth and gives the drinker a bold flavor of agave from nose to finish. The Blanco version is stored for a brief period in a steel barrel to allow its true character to develop, while the Reposado version was aged on uncharred oak to better retain the agave flavor while introducing oak character to the base spirit. Roasted Pina`s layered with oak and vanilla…reminds you of a Mexican desert sunset! 

Rare Earth

Spirit Master Dave Mosher planted white beet seeds in the spring, cared for the plants throughout the summer, harvested this fall, fermented, distilled, and aged in barrels. Truly like taking a sip of the earth. It's like digging into the fresh dirt of your garden and inhaling the natural aromas. Fresh aroma and flavor of white beets with a hint of caramel and oaky vanilla plus a mix of light spiciness, this local seed to glass spirit is something that you won’t taste anywhere else in the world. Distinctive, unique, Vermont, Terroir!!


Each release will be unique like the beers they are distilled from. The first release is a lightly aged malt spirit distilled from Black Flannel Brewing Company’s west coast inspired Rojo Amarillo Rye IPA. The bright citrus notes derived from Amarillo hops play perfectly with the light rye spice, malt, and oak age to create a smooth, distinct, and unique sipping whiskey.

Black Flannel Brewery and Distillery

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