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Eden Specialty Ciders Gift Boxes

"Share the love this Holiday season with our award-winning Ice Cider, made entirely from Vermont-grown apples. Experience a full range of Ice Ciders and the fantastic expression of our apples with our Ice Cider Trio box. Featuring our flagship Heirloom Ice Cider blend, single variety Honeycrisp Ice Cider, and an 8-year Brandy Barrel aged Ice Cider, this Holiday gift box showcases a spectrum of flavors. Always sweet, with a balanced acidity, our Ice Ciders are a love letter to Vermont apples and our terroir. Serve chilled, and treasure each pour like a fine liqueur. 

Eden is proud to be the pioneer of ice cider in America. Borrowing from the cidre de glace tradition of our neighbors in Quebec, we produce our ice cider from locally grown, fresh-pressed heirloom apples, and then cold concentrate the juice outside during our deep freeze Vermont winters. 

Each 375ml bottle contains over eight pounds of sustainably-grown heritage apples and is fermented and aged to produce a rich, fragrant cordial that brilliantly complements pie, your favorite buttery cookie, or sharp, crumbly cheese. Perfect alongside dessert after a Holiday dinner. With balanced sweetness and acidity, a little Eden Ice Cider goes a long way." 

Eden Specialty Ciders

150 Main Street  

Newport, Vt.  

(802) 334-4241 



Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox