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Starlink & Geebees

The first strain we dove into was Starlink from Full Circle Farms in Chittenden County: grown outdoors and owned and cultivated by two moms.
Starlink is a Vermont bred strain crossing Stardust x Double OG Chem. Starlink’s lab test for cannabinoids boasted THC just over 21%.
This particular pheno leaned mostly towards a sweet citrus aroma upon first smell. The nugget had great density and structure overall, with a purple almost dusty, hue on the flowers and rust colored stigmas, reminding us of the challenges of outdoor growing in this great northeastern climate
The nuggets were shaped like christmas trees, with a closely manicured trim job, assumingly hand trimmed.Several sugar eaves remained intact and upon first glance with a jewelers loupe. We saw plenty of trichomes, noting that Starlink could be used to make great hash.
Upon grind, the fruity and sweet smells continued to take over with a grinding moisture content “sticky enough to love and dry enough to roll.” The citrusy limonene and sweet myrcene dominated to create a kind of cakey and sweet dough aroma that so many of today’s retail consumers are looking for. 
Once we rolled this sweet smelling and slightly tacky flower, we start with a dry hit as if we are inhaling the joint before it is lit. The intensity was mellow, a consistent sweet flavor with a fun kick of citrus.


Upon smoke, we found it to have a moderate body and mouthfeel. The sweet fruity flavors continued to prevail, with a slight hint of vaseline or gasoline for a quick fleeting moment. About halfway through the joint, we noticed a bit of the peppery beta caryophyllene spice, as well as a bit more harshness on the continued smoke.
For several of us, this strain offered impressive physical pain relief and relaxation, and even gave one of us a surprisingly fabulous night’s sleep.  We voted it as a  great hybrid daytime and evening strain. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as the popular hybrid sweet cake and fruit loving consumer, but for those looking for the more funk and rotten strains, or more complexity then the consistency found here, you might look at the next in line….


The other cannabis we had the pleasure to assess was Geebees from the Northeast Kingdom. The strain Snakes Cake by Marks Organix from York, Maine is a cross of Cherry Pie x Animal Cookies x Pineapple Express.
This indoor strain was gorgeous on the eyes with one of the best presentations we have seen to date. The trim was perfect with the highest of industry standard and was definitely trimmed with the utmost care and detailed attention, leaving those squiggly stigmas sticking out. The deep green was mixed heavily with purple and a grey/silvery frosty hue impressed all of us.
The aroma had a loud intensity, with a rather complex nose, starting with cherry pie, followed with a fuel punch, ending back with a sweet kick once again.
The bracts of the plant were plump and swollen, showing it was harvested at the peak time, with a perfect stem snap in our hands, one of the many basic criteria people use when they look for a proper dry and cure. 
A little moist on initial grind, the layers of smells from cherry to fuel to sweet, remained identical on the grind as to the flower in hand, a consistent terpene profile showcasing a great dry and cure job.
On the dry hit, we noted Cherry Pie right off, with fuel immediately following, then finishing with a lingering sweetness. This strain definitely has multiple layers of aromas, tastes and complexity. The intensity was moderate for an indoor, not over the top, but powerful, impressive and consistent from flower to grind to dry hit, leaving us excited to smoke it.
The smoke was as true to taste as it was true to its smell. One reviewer noted that it tasted “clean and  chemical free” with us all agreeing on a moderate to full body mouthfeel. The sweet and gassy was second only to the “cherry pie intoxication”, sided with a touch of earth/ pine that mellowed back out into the cherry pie.  We noted a bit of pepper and spice halfway through and in the back of the throat, adding to the complexity and enjoyment. We ended with sticky lips and a mouth coated in sweetness.
This was unanimously described as a joint you don’t want to put down until the end, as it burned great, smoked smooth and tasted even better as it went along.
This strain was a bit more uplifting than sedating, offering more of a daytime euphoria than a deep pain relief for a few of us, though our guest reviewer, a seasoned cannabis consumer and now professional budtender, Val, prefers Snakes Cake as one that’s helpful for their all day arthritic pain. 


Jessilyn Dolan, RN, CMT, CLD is a certified Ganjier. She is president of the American Nurses Association–Vermont, the founder of the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, and serves on the board of directors for the American Cannabis Nurses Association.
Jessilyn cofounded NurseGrown Organics, Vermont’s first Clean Green Certified hemp farm, and is wellness director for CannaMommy‘s virtual clinic.
She is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, experienced herbalist, intuitive healer energy worker, cannabis nurse, activist, labor doula, and childbirth educator.


MeredithMann is a medical cannabis patient and former Medical Dispensary Manager, holding multiple cannabis certifications from The Trichome Institute.  Meredith co-founded Magic Mann hemp products, cannabis catering, and soon to be adult-use Vermont cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and retail.


Amelia is the Director of Communications for Green Mountain Patients Alliance, is a graphic designer, medical cannabis patient, and fierce patient advocate. She advocates for progressive medical cannabis reform in Vermont, with a focus on connecting patients and caregivers.   

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