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The perfect pairing - Wine Tastings at Maquam Barn and Winery with Stunning Views

Jun 21, 2023 05:28PM ● By Janani Varatharajan

Nestled in the rolling hills of Vermont, Maquam Barn and Winery  boasts the most pristine views and sunsets the state has to offer. Founded in 2016 by John Brooks, a third-generation farmer, the Brooks family continues creating delicious wines together. With multiple acres of land along the shores of Lake Champlain, they produce award-winning, limited-production grape and fruit wines that will satisfy anyone’s taste. 

Gather around

A perfect location to enjoy yourself with family and friends, this family-owned winery aims to bring people together. “We tell anyone who has not yet visited Maquam that the pictures do not do justice to the experience. You will have a one-of-a-kind experience at Maquam. You will take in every aspect of the property, from an operating vineyard, surrounding farmland, and sweeping views of the Adirondack Mountains, all while enjoying a glass of wine from the fire pits on our expansive, covered patio,” shared Shaun Brooks, owner of the winery. The winery is open for the season, ready to entertain for special occasions or offer a casual tasting with friends.


The tasting room is open every Sunday from 1 to 5pm and Thursday from 4:30 to 9pm, with music on Sundays from 2:30 to 4:30pm and Thursday from 6 to 8pm. Along with your wine (or beer), music, and breathtaking scenery, you can enjoy charcuterie boards with local ingredients and occasionally food vendors from the community.“We are also excited to continue expanding our vineyard to offer our customers something unique and exciting,” Shaun said. 

Wines for every taste

The fruit trees, bushes, and grapes benefit from the proximity to Lake Champlain’s nearby shoreline, resulting in an extended fruit growing season. The still waters of St. Albans Bay and the temperate climate allow black currants plenty of time to ripen, resulting in deep color and amplified complexity of flavor in Maquam’s wines. 

With the opening of the new winery in Milton, Vermont, the winery has planted acres of grapes annually and looks forward to introducing those grape wines into their portfolio. Chief Winemaker and Sommelier Dominic Rivard, with 20-plus years of experience in traditional winemaking techniques, employs extended barrel aging to bring out the best in Maquam’s wines.

With taste being first and foremost what customers are looking for in a good wine—and the focus of Maquam’s winemaking process—balance is the second most important. Maquam’s wines are well-balanced, offering a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience for all palates. They are confident you will find a wine that’s perfect for your visit.


Passionate winemaking

Maquam Barn and Winery stands as a testament to the Brooks family's passion for winemaking in the heart of Vermont's picturesque landscapes. The scenic beauty of the vineyard, the surrounding farmland, and the panoramic vistas of the Adirondack Mountains create an unparalleled setting to enjoy a glass of their award-winning wines no matter the occasion. Whether you are visiting for a tasting or celebrating a wedding, Maquam Barn and Winery welcomes you to join them in the heart of Vermont's wine country.

Maquam Barn and Winery

125 Duffy Road

Milton, VT 05468

(802) 328-1123

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