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LOCAL DISTILLERY HIRES “The Most Interesting Man in the World!”

Feb 01, 2024 05:12PM ● By KAREN CASSIDY
Village Garage Distillery  in Bennington, VT, and Vermont resident Jonathan Goldsmith, who is famous for being the “Most Interesting Man in the World,” have teamed up to bring their mutual love of whiskey to life.

Goldsmith, the actor who played the Most Interesting Man in the World in all those fun Dos Equis beer commercials and advertisements, has been named Chief Storytelling Officer at Village Garage Distillery in Bennington.

In this new role, Goldsmith will tell the tale of the Village Garage. He’ll be creating online videos and photos, hosting events, and making appearances at a variety of local functions, concerts, shows, and other social events.

When asked about this partnership, Goldsmith related: “Fellow Vermonter Robert Frost said, ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’ Well, great whiskey makes better neighbors. From the moment I walked into Village Garage, I knew they had bottled the very reason I live in Vermont.”



Goldsmith met distillery co-founder Glen Sauer in 2022. And he loved how the well-crafted spirits lacked pretension. He says the spirits, the people, and the story are genuine and unique, so he wants everyone to share in the experience.

“I went over and introduced myself, and we started talking about Vermont, philanthropy, and whiskey,” Sauer said. “It was super organic, it wasn’t forced kinship; we just got along great and had a ton in common. We both love Vermont and enjoy whiskey with good friends.”


Glen Sauer and co-founder Matt Cushman opened Village Garage Distillery in the historic “Village Garage” building in downtown Bennington. They’ve been churning out The Spirit of the Green Mountains since 2021.

Village Garage is a proud Vermont business; the stars on their label come from the flag the Green Mountain Boys flew when fighting for our independence from the British on the same land where Bennington stands today. The stars also stand for the sky over the lands where 10 generations of Vermont families have farmed and lived.



Glen and Matt are committed to upholding the mission of producing exceptional spirits with a local focus. Their love for the town of Bennington is reflected in their work at the distillery. They are dedicated to creating a unique experience that showcases the best of what the region has to offer.

Glen is pleased with the community they are building at Village Garage. “We’re trying to put life into our downtown to boost the downtown we grew up in. What could we add to bring life to our downtown? What can the big-box stores and the internet not bring to your house — sharing experiences and stories with friends while enjoying great spirits!”


The distillery currently offers seven spirits: Village Vodka, Village Straight Bourbon, Village Rye, and its Village House Gin. Its Village Bonfire, inspired by a campfire, is a combination of its five-year-old Vermont whiskey and locally sourced, smoked maple syrup. For a short time it will also have a limited-release whiskey, “L’Esprit de Vermont,” that has been matured in a 27-year-old Armagnac cask.


Village Garage Distillery is open Wednesday–Saturday from 12–9 pm. The restaurant offers fun fare with weekly specials in its tasting room. The distillery also offers tours where its knowledgeable staff will walk you through the entire distilling process, all before sampling some of its handcrafted spirits.


Discover the passion and attention to detail that goes into every bottle of Village Garage whiskey. It works with local farms and sources local corn and rye, and the spent mash goes back to feed Angus beef, which is used in the restaurant. You can also check out the distillery's tasting room at the Orvis Flagship Store in Manchester.

For more information, visit 

107 Depot Street Bennington, VT 

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