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Weird Window Brewing

82 Ethan Allen Drive
Suite A
South Burlington, VT 05403

ABOUT WEIRD WINDOW Weird Window Brewing hoped to open it's doors in March, but with COVID-19, the team now hopes to open its doors in the summer of 2020. The brewery is owned and operated by Jack and Emily Droppa, residents of South Burlington, VT. Jack manages the brewing operation and Emily manages the taproom, merchandise and events.

The team at Weird Window Brewing strives to deliver an approachable and diverse selection of beers. Instead of just focusing on one style of beer, the hope of Weird Window Brewing is to have a beer for everyone who visits the taproom. The taproom holds up to forty five guests with up to ten beers on tap, including a selection of IPAs, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Red Ales, and Stouts

Weird Window Brewing has a three barrel pilot system and a fifteen barrel production system. The brewhouse is customized so that both of the systems are on the same brew deck. In addition to the three barrel and the fifteen barrel fermenters, Weird Window Brewing also has a seven barrel lagering tank, which makes it possible to brew and age lagers in the traditional way. All of the brewing and cellaring equipment was purchased from Alpha Brewing Operations in Lincoln, NE.

Why Weird Window Brewing? The name of the brewery comes from the slanted windows located throughout the Vermont and the New England areas. The windows are called “Vermont Windows," “Crooked Windows," “Witch Windows," and even “Coffin Windows." The windows are commonly found on old farmhouses in rural Vermont. Jack and Emily started to call the windows “Weird Windows"and, well, it just stuck. Jack and Emily like the story behind the windows and the connection to Vermont, so, why not Weird Window Brewing!